(sample) DIA Receives $15K Grant from State
DIA has been one of thousands of non-profit organizations whose reliable revenue sources suddenly disappeared when the pandemic hit. Our biggest fundraiser of the year–Oaktoberfest in the Dimond–could not be held in 2020 and likely won’t be held in its usual form in 2021. That means a loss of about $64,000 over the two years.

DIA applied for a xxxx xxxx xxx grant from the state in (month) and just heard that we received $15,000. This will really help us keep our programs going at a basic level until a real Oaktoberfest–or some other fundraiser–can come back online.


(sample) Harry’s Bar Set to Open mid-February
Great news for the Dimond! Owner Pecos Bill says his new bar and restaurant will open its doors in mid-February, starting with selected wines and bar bites and on a take-out basis. Watch for the “Grand Opening” banner at 3333 Fruitvale soon!


(sample) Keep Dimond Clean Volunteers Return
As of mid-December, the Saturday volunteer crew was out in force again, picking up trash in the commercial area. Although the pandemic is surely not over, the crew felt they could maintain a safe protocol for themselves and the community during the 9am-10am litter walk. More volunteers are always needed, so please contact dia@dmiondnews.org if you can join occasionally or regularly.

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